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Model S Partial Recall

Tesla has announced they are recalling a few cars for a minor problem regarding a weld/bond on a rear seat bracket.  Reading the Tesla Motors Blog entry by CEO Elon Musk, it is clear that this only affects very few cars and that Tesla are being proactive in dealing with and rectifying the problem.

It’s great to see that Tesla are not shirking away from their responsibilities and are actively ensuring customers are kept informed about these sorts of things, whereas most manufacturers [understandably] try to hide away issues like this.  When producing a vehicle with several thousand components, and in aluminium, which is harder to weld, it is reassuring that Tesla are on the ball when it comes to owners safety.

Tesla Motors Model S Partial Recall
Tesla Motors Model S Partial Recall

Affected or worried owners can contact Tesla direct, and you can read the full blog post here:  Tesla Motors Blog – Partial Recall – Elon Musk