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Mitsubishi Announces UK Pricing for Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi have finally revealed pricing for their Outlander PHEV and the good news is it is much cheaper than originally anticipated by most.

Original rumours surrounding the new car put the cost at around £35,000 but Mitsubishi has announced the plug-in hybrid vehicle will cost £28,249 after the UK government grant of £5,000. However, the rumours were half correct as the top spec. model, the GX4hs, is priced at £34,999 (after grant). The final variant in the lineup sits nicely in the middle of the most expensive and cheapest models, the GX4h and is priced at £32,899 (after grant).

News for company car owners is good too, since the Outlander PHEV has such low emissions, it attracts a benefit in kind rate of 5%. A 40% tax payer will pay just £665 in this tax year, less than some of the smallest cars in the market.

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV