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Mercedes-Benz USA Install PlugShare App into B-Class

Mercedes-Benz’s B-Class electric has been on sale in the United States for a few months now, complete with online configurator. Mercedes, or rather parent company Daimler, have teamed up with popular app PlugShare.

Recargo is the company behind the popular PlugShare service which lists charging stations worldwide and boasts more than 120,000 active users. For installation in the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive, PlugShare has been customised and provides their database of chargers integrated into the e-Navigator App.

Although the partnership is of most relevance to customers in America, the fact that a major OEM has teamed up with a provider of charging locations is a good indication that progress is being made in this field and will likely be the same approach adopted outside the US. PlugShare themselves offer information within their database on charge point locations outside the US, but it remains to be seen whether the agreement will exist with Mercedes-Benz or smart in their European offerings.

The collaboration with Daimler is a strategic move by PlugShare to support new programs and partners in the ever-expanding EV market. Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo, said:

“We are proud to be working with Daimler, a company with a rich automotive heritage and commitment to excellence, to help make electric vehicle charging easier and more accessible. Our collaboration on the B-Class Electric Drive demonstrates how PlugShare can be adapted for automobile platforms and capabilities, to give drivers confidence through convenient access to information that makes the most of driving electric.”

Mercedes-Benz Electric Drive

Source; PlugShare, Recargo & Mercedes-Benz