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It’s official: Source East is Dead

Source East, an electric vehicle charging network, has long been plagued with problems. On 31st March 2017 Source East will cease to exist, as its operators cite unsustainable running costs as the primary reason for its closure. Electric vehicle drivers had experienced difficulty in using the charge points, due to a lack of RFID cards and communication from the provider. Nevertheless, the network offered a vital source (excuse the pun) of in-town charge points around the East of England, including major cities like Cambridge and St Albans.

Original operators of the network, Evalu8, has been dissolved and is now encompassed with a University of Hertfordshire holding company: UH Ventures Limited. Evalu8 ended in August 2016, with staff and ongoing activity being moved to the holding company.

Dead but not dying.

The existing charge points will return to their owners, with other being transferred to other networks. FOr the end user, this means signing up to different networks in order to continue to use Source East charge points. For example, the charge points in St Albans mostly belong to Chargemaster and so those will require a Polar membership to operate them.

Others are being changed to the GeniePoint (ChargePoint) network and will remain free to use – until such time as the land owner decides to impose a fee, in accordance with GeniePoint rules. POD Point units are being upgraded and will be operable using their dedicated App.

Elektromotive charge points will require CYC (Charge Your Car) network access and can be operated using an App or RFID card.

Attached below is the official letter explaining the situation in full.