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Infiniti Red Bull Racing: DESIGN AND R&D

Creating a successful Formula One car, from drawing board to race track that is able to be competitive across a entire racing season, usually involves the kind of secret that only the ‘inner circle’ is able to access. so closely guarded are secrets and development work, that even Red Bull Racing themselves were loathed for one of their cars to be trawled away from a circuit mid air behind a recovery vehicle, because other teams were able to see for the first time, the underneath aerodynamics that they had worked so furiously to keep secret – giving them that racing edge over their competitors.

However, now Infiniti Red Bull Racing have unlocked their doors giving behind-the-scenes access to just how exactly they design and manufacture their F1 challengers. Documentary like, “The Making of an F1 Car” mini-series will, over four episodes, take viewers from concept to final build.

Episode one, “DESIGN AND R&D” focuses on exclusive interviews with team members, showcasing detailed and artistic footage of the intricate procedures required to make an F1 car.

Now more relevant than ever, with cars such as BMW’s i3 and i8 using Formula one inspired carbon fibre technology and know-how plus the recently revealed Formula E racing car, set to alight the world’s city streets next year, this exciting look into the development process is very relevant indeed.

Let’s not forget too, that Formula One cars are hybrids after all, with their electric motor KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) boost giving added performance that has been seen in the Renault Twizy F1 and Toyota Yaris Hybrid R.

Infiniti Red Bull RacingVideo Source; Infiniti Red Bull Racing