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Formula E Plans Video Games and Social Media Fan Interaction

Guardian reporters, Alan Baldwin and Keith Weir, have written an article detailing a few of Formula E’s plans for the future, including video games and fan interaction that would have the potential to influence races.

Speaking with Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E Holdings, the digital potential for Formula E is much greater than anything tried before. Video games are a natural mainstay of any sporting event, with many top selling games based on sports such as Tennis, Golf and motor racing too. Initially, indications are that Formula E will concentrate gaming on hand held devices such as mobile phones and tablets, rather than desktop computers and consoles. Timing has a large part to play in that, with a games developer requiring more time to finish off a large scale production than mobile games tend to require.

Agag detailed aspirations for the possibility of holding a virtual race at the end of the Formula E [real world] season, with the five best gamers over the course of a season racing on simulators against the real championship drivers.

Social media appears to play a large part in Formula E’s end game too, with a social media based vote giving drivers additional real world boost in their vehicles. How that would work in practice is still up in the air as the idea floats about, but Agag was keen on the idea calling it “push to pass via social media”.

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Alejandro Agag

Source; Reuters News.