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Famous Czech Brand Returns with Retro High Performance Electric Scooter

Cezeta Motors s.r.o. has begun accepting orders for its first scooter to use electric power. After half a century without production, Čezeta (also known as CZ) is re-announcing itself, however, this time as a luxury handmade scooter. Thrilling performance, quality materials and high tech accessories are the main benefits of the new Type 506. For 2016, Čezeta plans to manufacture 100 bikes at its new facility in Mirosovice, East Prague.

The Čezeta 506 continues the development from the Type 501 and 502 that, thanks to their monocoque construction and eye-catching design of their constructor J. F Koch, enjoyed success throughout the world in the 1950s and 1960s.

Installed with a modern electric motor, the new Čezeta 506 can reach a top speed of 90km/h (56mph) and has a range of 100km (60 miles) from average use. Neil Eamonn Smith, constructor of the new Čezeta and the battery pack, said:

“The charging of the scooter lasts about 4.5 hours and we are working on a fast charge system that will charge the battery completely in 25 minutes.”

Apart from zero emissions and minimal operating expenses, the Čezeta 506 features new technology. This includes the ability to reprogramme speed and acceleration using a mobile app. A benefit of its silent operation, it is also possible to listen to your favourite music via the scooter’s built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Future owners of the Čezeta 506 will be able to choose from a range of 8 colours, including the original two-tone retro combinations. Smith adds:

“Those who desire for a really unique style have the option to order a customised hand-painted version finished to their specification.”

The Čezeta 506 is for sale for €9,900 (~£6,955) ex-works with the possibility to finance the purchase over 5 years. There is a full parts and service warranty for 3 years (including roadside assistance), which is extendable to 10 years, offering peace of mind.

Čezeta 506/1 Technical Specification

Length 200cm
Wheelbase 134cm
Height of saddle 76cm
Wheels 12”
Weight 160kg
Motor electric hub brushless
Power 8kW peak, 5kW continuous
Acceleration 0-60km/h in 4 seconds
Maximum speed 90km/h
Battery Lithium-ion
Nominal voltage 76.8V
Battery capacity 4.8kWh
Average range 100km
Charging built-in 15.5A charger in 4.5hrs, external fast charge 25 mins. Optional fossil-free solar charger
Body steel monocoque
Gears automatic with reverse switch
Brakes front and rear hydraulic disc
Storage front pockets, optional leather panniers and PAV trailer
Entertainment built-in Bluetooth speakers
Safety collision detection cutoff switch and handlebar-mounted master system shut down
Security remote alarm and GPS signal

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