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Evolt Wins a Place on New Scottish Framework to Install EV Charge Points

Evolt, the electric vehicle (EV) charge point supplier, has been selected by the Energy Saving Trust Limited (EST) as one of the companies to provide EV charging solutions on a new Scotland-wide framework agreement.

The new framework includes the right to tender, be selected, or quote for the installation of rapid, commercial and domestic charging units on the mainland and in the Highlands and Islands. The announcement follows a full tender and is effective immediately to an initial expiry date of December 2018.

Having established itself as a significant player on the Scottish EV charge point supplier market over the past five years, Evolt has already supplied in excess of 1,100 charging points to 24 local councils and many private businesses in Scotland. Justin Meyer, General Manager at Evolt, says its commercial charge points’ reliability was a key factor in being selected for the new framework:

“Our equipment is installed in both urban and rural environments, including on remote islands such as the Shetlands, and has helped to drive forward Scotland’s sustainability agenda over the past five years. As a part of the new framework agreement we remain in a strong position to encourage and facilitate the ever-increasing take up of EVs in Scotland.”

Evolt Rapid Charger

Included in the 1,100 Evolt charge points installed in Scotland are 85 of the top-of-the-range Evolt Rapid chargers. Each unit can efficiently charge two EVs simultaneously to 80% of their battery charge within 30 minutes via 50Kw DC (CCS & CHAdeMO) and 43Kw AC outlets.

Justin adds that the units are user-friendly, tamper proof, offer a simultaneous charging function for both fast and rapid charge points and contain an in-built 3G communications modem that enables remote monitoring of the charging process and charging data collection:

“This functionality enhances our strong reputation for offering a high quality charging solution that is backed up by an efficient and effective service support. It is a testament to the durability of our technology that we have been able to successfully install and maintain our equipment in the testing weather conditions experienced in the highlands and on remote islands.”

Source; Evolt