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Evolt to Show Off Four New Charge Points at CENEX LCV 2016

Evolt, the nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charge point supplier, is exhibiting four new products at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) Event, 14 – 15 September at the Millbrook car testing facility near Bedford.

The first live demonstration of its energy storage solution e-Stor, which supports EV charging equipment will be shown. Similar to home battery storage units, e-Stor harnesses the power from second-life EV batteries to charge electric vehicles. Therefore, when an EV uses an e-Stor enabled rapid charger, energy will be drawn from battery power reserves reducing the immediate load on the grid.

In connecting e-Stor to a charging unit and subsequently to an EV, Evolt will exhibit the latest 50kW Tri-Rapid charger that can simultaneously charge two EVs (with different plugs, e.g. 1xCHAdeMO and 1xCCS) from 0-80% battery within 30 minutes. It also features a new massive 47-inch LCD screen, that can be used to display various functions as required.

The latest model in Evolt’s 22kW (DC) Fast Charging range is also to be introduced at LCV. The Raption charger features a smaller and slimmer design than its Compact model predecessor, and takes one hour to simultaneously charge two EVs. It includes fully-secure charging connector holsters that can only be unlocked from the charging station with a verified RFID card, reducing damage to the equipment through improper use or vandalism. This type of charge point is ideal for private use scenarios, such as office car parks.

Finally, the new 7kW lamp post charging solution will be showcased for the first time. With twin AC power outlets, these resolve the problem of a lack of space for on street charging in busy towns and cities, as they are bolted onto street lighting columns to charge adjacent EVs (typically in residential locations). This is a versatile option that would negate the need for additional posts to be installed at the road side, as well as provide a suitable solution for residents who only have on-street parking, such as terraced houses or flats.

Justin Meyer, General Manager of Evolt, says these advances in technology and practicality are essential for the industry: “Consistent innovations are required to capture the demands and requirements of a rapidly growing industry,” he says. “Our latest solutions further enhance reliability and cost-efficiency, and ensure that we can provide the most appropriate charging solution for every application.”

As well as its new products, Evolt will also be exhibiting its existing product range – three street post charging variations, the fast, rapid and home charging solutions.

Source; Evolt is a company of the SWARCO Group