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Electric Cars Top Market Intelligence Report

In yet another telling display of the value of electric cars in the modern market, the Kelley Blue Book Report for ‘Hot Cars’, published weekly in America, shows the Nissan Leaf as the top ‘hot’ car of the week with the BMW i3 topping the activity growth for ‘weekly shopping’.

“There is plenty of news concerning the Nissan Leaf these days. Recently Nissan announced the Leaf would be added to its certified pre-owned program. The Leaf also set an all-time record for sales in August and is up 335 percent year-over-year in the U.S. market, so it is no surprise this model tops this week’s Hot Car Report.”

Said Arthur Henry, manager of Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence.

The BMW i3 continues to draw interest from shoppers as it increased 28.9 percent over last week. Shoppers are becoming more accepting of electric vehicles. However, as consideration for electric cars has increased, so has scrutiny over mileage range, transaction price and vehicle dependability.

You can see the values in the chart below. To see the full and original PDF document released by Kelley Blue Book, please click here.

19/09/2013 Kelley Blue Book Hot Car Report
19/09/2013 Kelley Blue Book Hot Car Report

Source; Kelley Blue Book