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Eco Driving for Everyone with GECO Free App

GECO has been designed to guide drivers on their urban trips, helping them to adopt more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly driving behaviours. Objective? To reduce fuel consumption without necessarily reducing average speed. Target: 10 to 15% fuel savings. By consuming less, drivers will spend less but they will also reduce their pollutant and CO2 emissions.

How does it work? Using smartphone sensors, the application computes in real time the ideal driving behaviour to adopt, on the basis of the specific trip. It is then compared to the actual behaviour adopted by the driver. The screen displays the driver’s score and energy performance and offers real-time advice aimed at improving overall driving. An online community of GECO-drivers 2.0 will also allow drivers to compare their results and become “Eco-drivers”.

A free application for everybody, GECO offers an approach that is innovative (based on algorithms that evaluate driving in real time), flexible (with driving advice, numerous calculation parameters and an automated assessment) and very easy to use. Fitting with current trends and eco-responsible, this application prefigures the integration of functionalities of this type in the so-called “connected” cars of the future.

You can download GECO from both Google Play and Apple iTunes:

Geco the eco driving application

Source; IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN)