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The challenge.
Race the X5 bus from the heart of Oxford to the heart of Cambridge.
The route.
FROM: Gloucester Green Bus Station – Oxford
TO: Parkside – Cambridge
DISTANCE: Approx. 84 miles
The story so far.
A reader of AutoVolt magazine, wrote to us explaining they travel on the X5 bus from Oxford to Cambridge frequently, but were considering the purchase of an EV to make the journey more comfortable. However, they were concerned about the range and whether the journey would actually be quicker at all – taking into consideration the time spent at charge points en-route.
On paper, it’s a no brainer. The ZOE should win. But the challenge is a little more complex than it may first appear. While in summer time, the ZOE should reach its destination on one charge without issue, there are no rapid chargers in the centre of Oxford so the challenge must be started at less than 100% capacity. What’s more, when you get to the other end, it is no good turning up with an empty charge as how would one get home again? So, a charge prior to entering Cambridge is also necessary. Suddenly, a reliance on a young charge network comes into play. There is also the potential for other users to be charging en-route too, thus increasing the overall time it takes to get to Cambridge.
Follow us on twitter today for updates! Our sub-editor, will be tweeting from the bus, while I shall be driving the ZOE…
Who will win? The answer may be akin to the tale of the Hare and the Tortoise, but there is a possibility of the hare winning this time around, unlike the fairytale.