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BMW autonomous driving future with Intel and Mobileye

BMW Look to Intel for Future Autonomous Cars

BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye are creating an open platform for the next generation of cars to create a safe autonomous platform, from door locks to the datacenter.

Intel needs little introduction as the world’s largest chip maker who manufacture and supply computer chips for every conceivable device, from you home computer to – now – your car. It’s no surprise that car manufacturers are turning to established IT brands for hardware and software needs as cars become more and more like yet another appliance.

Mobileye might not be quite so well-known, but it is a small company making big waves…

elbnb logo yellow

Swedish Citizens Create Own Electric Car Charging Infrastructure

Every other Swede thinks shortage of charging points is a major obstacle to driving electric cars, according to a new survey. More than half of all Swedes are willing to offer up charging points in their homes. Just as many think politicians are not doing enough to reach the goal of fossil free cars by 2030. This is the reason to Renault’s new initiative Elbnb – a nationwide social marketplace where anyone can share their electricity and create change…

Nissan announces development of world’s first SOFC-powered vehicle system that runs on bio-ethanol electric power

Nissan Unveils Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle System that Runs on Bio-Ethanol

Back in the 1960’s, future depictions of the world were forecast with cars running on jet power, water or assorted powerplants – anything but petrol or diesel engines. This type of forward thinking – and dreaming – has led to some amazing advances over time, but to date there has been little impact or change to our reliance on petrol and diesel engines. Electric cars are the latest alternative energy to oppose the fossil fuel regime and with them are coming innovative new ways of thinking once more…

Nissan e-NV200 CHAdeMO charging

CHAdeMO Boosted to 150kW This Year, 350kW in Future

During CHAdeMO’s annual General Assembly in Tokyo, Japan on 1st june 2016, the Association’s management has announced its plans and ongoing activities toward bringing high power CHAdeMO chargers to the market in a bid to stay relevant despite newer standards like CCS keen to takeover.

This year, the Association plans to release an amendment to the current protocol, which will enable charging up to 150kW (350A). The revision of the protocol (that was already announced to the Regular Members last year) is still ongoing with technical consultations held with members…

Most UK Motorists Against Driverless Cars, finds New Survey

More than half of the UK’s motorists oppose driverless cars as the country moves forwards with plans to allow autonomous technology trials to begin on our roads. 62% of drivers said they would feel less safe on the roads alongside other vehicles with no human behind the wheel. Almost three-quarters of those surveyed (72%) said there would be added complications to resolving insurance disputes involving “robo cars”.

John Osorio of Evolt and Cllr Janet Willis, Cumbria County Council Cabinet member for Environment, at the charging site in Kendal

Evolt installs Cumbria’s First Publicly Available Rapid Charging Network

Evolt, the Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point supplier, has completed the installation of Cumbria’s first publicly accessible EV Rapid charging network, which is now available for public use.

Evolt has been installing charge points around the county with nine top-of-the-range 50kW Rapid Chargers that can recharge an average EV within 30 minutes. A further Evolt 7Kw Fast Charger, ideal for quick ‘top-ups’ during short stay visits, has also been…

Volvo Twin Engine T8 S90 Inscription White

“Standardise Electric Car Charging” says Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars believes the global automotive industry should strive towards the introduction of a standardised charging infrastructure for electric cars, says Dr Peter Mertens, the company’s Senior Vice President for Research & Development. To support the drive towards a global standard for electric car charging, Volvo Cars has decided to throw its weight behind the Charging Interface Initiative, a consortium of stakeholders that was founded to establish their Combined Charging System (CCS) as the standard for charging battery-powered vehicles.

BMW presents the Vehicular CrowdCell at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona

BMW Presents the Vehicular CrowdCell at Mobile World Congress 2016

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (22-25 February 2016) is one of Europe’s most important communications shows. BMW has unveiled its research project, “Vehicular CrowdCell”.

Using the popular “crowd” buzzword, BMW’s project extends on last year’s “Vehicle Small Cell” that offered a mobile femtocell – a very small mobile phone base station connected to the phone network via the Internet – that optimises mobile radio reception inside vehicles with additional capacity and coverage of mobile networks.

Battery Cells

World’s First Sodium-ion Powered Vehicle Demonstrated

We all know of lithium-ions, the chemistry used within batteries, which power everything from smartphones to electric cars. There are other chemistries too that do not receive quite as much attention. Familiar types such as Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH) are common place, but generally regarded as not being as useful as lithium-ion. However, there are plenty …

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