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DS E-TENSE electric supercar concept

DS E-TENSE Electric Supercar Concept Breaks Cover Ahead of 2016 Geneva Motor Show

DS Automobiles, the off-shoot company from Citroen that has branched away from the main offerings of Citroen, providing more bespoke, premium and luxury products has come out with a tease of their latest concept and it’s electric.

Perhaps not too surprising, given electric concepts are coming thick and fast to motor shows of late and given that DS Automobiles partnered with Virgin Racing in the all-electric Formula E championship. An electric direction was inevitable as was…

Toyota Prius Sept 2015 02

New Toyota Prius Unveiled

Toyota have taken the wraps off the fourth generation new Toyota Prius, ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The new model builds on the strengths and achievements of its predecessors and is set to establish new benchmarks in fuel economy, emissions and efficiency. Each successive Prius has delivered improvements in these areas, but the new model is aiming to make the biggest leap yet in performance.

Depreciation / Residual Value - PHOTO: Jonathan Musk

Glass’s Offer Guidance on Residual Values for Electric Vehicles

Residual Value (RV) forecasts for electric vehicles (EV) are increasingly getting closer to that of traditional diesel cars as the used car market acclimatises to the new technology and understanding of it improves, says Glass’s. The publishers of the trade pricing bible say that in some cases, EV RV forecasts are already approaching that of …

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Power Station Chimneys

Electric Cars and Electricity Supply

Critics claim that the power grid cannot provide enough electricity for electric cars without significant and costly upgrading. It is true that, if every combustion engine car was taken off the road and replaced with an electric one, electricity consumption would increase. It has been estimated that across the European Union, net electricity consumption would …

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Nissan LEAF electric car

First Impressions of EV Driving

First impressions There is a well-known phrase within the electric vehicle industry: The EV Grin. It refers to the involuntary smile that everyone has when they take their first ride in an electric vehicle. It is a very strange sensation, getting into an electric car for the first time and driving away. The silence, the …

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DKW Schnellaster electric

Audi Tradition Restore Historic DKW Schnellaster EV

Audi Tradition have a new addition to their historic collection, a 1956 DKW Schnellaster “Elektro” electric car. Between 1955 and 1962, Auto Union GmbH produced about 100 Schnellaster electric cars which the company aimed mainly at energy companies, public utility or battery manufacturers. This particular DKW was saved from the North Sea island of Wangerooge, …

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