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Can you Rent a Premium Electric Car?

Will electric cars make it to rental companies? The answer is a little more complex than you might at first think. The answer, put simply, is; yes. However, widespread adoption is not likely just yet.

That said, companies such as Hertz who’s reputation and empire has been built upon the internal combustion engine are not opposed to trying electric cars and indeed have a selection of electric cars available for hire at their Marble Arch branch in London.

Not only that, but there are companies popping up all over the globe specialising in electric car hire only, plus car sharing schemes such as those in Berlin, Germany are gaining ever more popularity.

The above companies are tending to sway towards the smaller, more practical every day car, such as the practical family car in the shape of Nissan’s Leaf and the smart fortwo electric car which is ideal for city driving.

But, what if you want something a bit more sporty or luxurious?

Hertz, the world’s largest general use airport car rental brand, has announced the inclusion of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Roadster in its ‘Dream Cars’ line-up. Unfortunately the cars will only be available in the US to begin with, but ignoring that fact, it is a first for both the Tesla’s to have been made available for rent alongside the other exotica that exist within the Hertz Dream Cars stable. Hertz offers cars from marques such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Mercedes Benz, ensuring a range of ultra-high-end performance vehicles for the premium car rental experience.

“Customer and industry support for Hertz’s Dream Cars has been overwhelming, so adding the Tesla Model S to the already outstanding fleet was an easy choice. The ability to offer a truly unique driving experience to Hertz customers is a thrill, and the addition of this vehicle shows the passion we have in offering the best and most diverse fleet to our customers.”

Said Mark P. Frissora, Hertz Chairman and CEO.

Tesla Model S Line-up

The Tesla Model S will be available for rent in California (at San Francisco and Los Angeles airports) and are the 85kWh models, capable of 265 miles on one charge. The all electric, zero emissions car can go 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. With a rigid body structure, nearly 50/50 weight distribution and a very low centre of gravity, Model S offers the responsiveness and agility expected from the world’s best sports cars while providing the ride quality and interior capacity of a luxury performance saloon.

The Tesla Model S has enjoyed an incredibly admiring press, with many motoring magazines giving it higher marks than any other car tested. Not only has it been praised for its build quality, practicality, electric drivetrain, performance and range , but it was also awarded a coveted five stars safety rating by the NHTSA (America’s Euro NCAP Equivalent).

Source; Hertz