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BMW USA Wins Award for ActiveE EV Field Trials

We in the UK are no strangers to past and current EV field trials. However, in the USA, BMW have been given an award in honour of their marketing campaign by “Green Power Purchaser” – for their renewable energy programs under the ActiveE electric vehicle (EV) field trial.

BMW have been ranked number one on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the past eight consecutive years. The MINI E and ActiveE electric vehicle field trials which took place in both America and the UK, and other places, were recognised for their outstanding promotional campaign and honour BMW in their purchasing or generation of green power for actively promoting it’s use in an innovative and compelling way.

BMW is set to launch their i3 electric car later this year and early next year in other parts of the world as the companies first mass produced all electric vehicle. The purpose of the field trials by BMW gave the company invaluable knowledge and experience into the daily demands of consumers interested in adopting electric vehicles.

By educating and offering products such as renewable energy certificates (RECs) and residential solar photovoltaic systems to its ActiveE customers, BMW brought its corporate sustainability strategy to its customers, further extending the sustainability value chain to be truly end-to-end in nature. BMW partnered with Green Mountain Energy Company, Americas longest-serving renewable energy retailer, to offer ActiveE drivers RECs to cover the estimated electricity used to charge their ActiveEs. Customers who purchased RECs avoided an estimated 9,900 pounds of carbon dioxide over the course of their two-year lease. BMW also partnered with solar power provider Real Goods Solar to offer ActiveE drivers discounted solar photovoltaic panels for their homes, which will allow them to generate their own clean energy to offset the fueling costs of their ActiveEs.

The GPLA serve to recognize the leading actions of organizations, programs, suppliers, and individuals that significantly advance the development of green power sources. More details about the Green Power Partnerships and the Green Power Leaders Awards can be found here:

For more information on BMW’s ActiveE field trial, visit: Electronauts can log in to access their individual ActiveE statistics, while non Electronauts can browse the combined results for the complete ActiveE fleet.

BMW ActiveE, USA
BMW ActiveE, USA

Source; BMW USA