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BMW Illuminates us on Laser Headlight Technology

BMW has released a video showing the benefits of their new laser light technology as featured on the forthcoming plug-in hybrid BMW i8 sports car. Putting to one side the extremely odd use of an actor breaking the ‘4th wall’ in the first part of the video and the following section showing more of the host presenter than the headlight technology itself, what the film does highlight (excuse the pun) is the almost mesmerising design of headlamp which will no doubt attract insects just as well as it illuminates the road ahead.

BMW’s i8 sports car features many innovative technological advances, highlighting the capabilities of what the future of motoring can be in the mainstream despite the i8’s relatively high asking price and the headlamp technology alone is an interesting area for discussion. Are HID and LED headlights already too bright? Should legislation be brought in to cope with the wealth of new lighting technology that allows for brighter illumination without the need for increased amperage?

BMW i8 Headlights

Video; BMW