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BMW i8 Reveal at Frankfurt IAA

BMW has confirmed they will take the wraps of the forthcoming i8 hybrid sports car at the IAA International Motor Show at Frankfurt this September.

Following on from the BMW i3 launch at the end of July just a week ago, BMW is obviously keen to keep the ball rolling and attract attention while they have the limelight.

BMW i8
BMW i8

The BMW i8 prototype featured stunning performance, such as 5 second 0-62mph (0-100km/h) times yet returning incredible fuel consumption of around 78 mpg.  BMW achieved this by using both electric motors and a three cylinder petrol engine giving an impressive combined horsepower of 352 (129 electric, 223 petrol engine).

There is every reason to expect the production version of the i8 to be very similar to the prototype especially as the BMW i3 had hardly changed at all from it’s initial concept.

Unfortunately there is no word yet on whether the wraps will be taken off the hard or spyder version, so we’ll simple have to wait and see.

It is unlikely (but we can always hope) that the BMW i8 will feature on the test track BMW are setting up for the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show too, as we reported this morning.

BMW i8 Roadster
BMW i8 Roadster

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