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BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor

BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor
BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor

The BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor took to the stage at the OutDoor  Friedrichshafen fair on July 11-14, treating the premium compact segment to another view of how  interior space can be cleverly utilised for sport and leisure purposes.  The concept car  presents a fresh take on combining sporting aesthetics and style with sustainable drive technology, compact dimensions and functionality.

The environmentally friendly plug-in hybrid drive (PHEV) system bring together an efficient internal combustion engine and an electric motor to provide great power delivery while still ensuring excellent efficiency.

The engine is a transversely mounted 1.5-litre petrol, giving drive to the front wheels.  The new plug-in hybrid drive concept combines the benefits of an electric motor and the attributes of a traditional combustion engine to outstanding effect.

The plug-in hybrid also offers a preview of drive variants that promise to feature in compact class vehicles of the future. The BMW eDrive concept, familiar from the BMW i8, enables the car to run on electric power alone (producing zero local emissions) and will cover all the brand’s electric and plug-in hybrid drive systems in the years to come.

‘eDrive’ spans all the components of the BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor’s electric drive system, such as the electric motor (developed in-house), the lithium-ion high-performance battery and the intelligent energy management system.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles normally have a range of well over 20 miles (30 km) in all-electric mode, allowing them to operate just as efficiently on both short and long journeys as well as when in hybrid mode.  The BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor’s lithium-ion high-performance battery can be recharged from a standard domestic socket.

Energy can be recovered at both axles of the BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor and fed back into the lithium-ion high-performance battery to further enhance the eDrive system’s efficiency.

The highly sophisticated 1.5-litre BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol unit from the new BMW Group EfficientDynamics engine family works in perfect tandem with a synchronous electric motor.

With a total system output of over 190 hp/140 kW, the combustion engine and electric motor combine to give the BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor sporty performance credentials, while keeping fuel consumption and emissions figures low.

As a result, the BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor reaches 100 km/h (62 mph) from stationary in under eight seconds, continuing on to a top speed of around 200 km/h (125 mph).

Despite these impressive performance figures, it returns average fuel consumption figures of 113mpg (2.5 L/100km) and posts CO2 emissions below 60 g/km.

BMW says one of its key aims with this concept is to maximise range in all-electric mode, something that is achieved by minimising the energy consumption of the ancillary units. To this end, ECO PRO mode reduces the output of the air conditioning and other electrically operated comfort-enhancing functions when appropriate.

Source; BMW