Autovolt Magazine

Autovolt proves a popular title on Readly

As 2018 approaches an uncertain end, what is on the mind of the UK consumer?

Each year, the digital magazine app Readly tracks which magazines are being read across its portfolio of 605 UK titles and which covers have caught the public’s imagination through 2018.

And, by looking at specific covers, the Readly Magazine Review has highlighted ‘stand out’ issues including none other than the UK’s original electric car magazine Autovolt! This is where an individual issue performs more strongly than the average trend and identifies which covers caught the eye of Readly subscribers.

Autovolt Jan-Feb 2018 cover
The Autovolt Jan-Feb 2018 issue cover proved to be a stand out this year

Ranj Begley, UK Managing Director at Readly said: “As the nation prepares for an uncertain future economically and politically, we are choosing to read about things that make us smile, enhance our lifestyle and inspire us. When times are tough, we focus on what really matters to us personally and what we can relate to.”

Readly is a digital newsstand that provides unlimited access to thousands of national and international magazines via the app.  Over the last year, Readly subscribers spent a total of 22 million hours reading digital magazines, with an average of 22 minutes per session and 7 hours a month.

The Readly Magazine Review of 2018 tracked 605 UK magazine titles.  With international titles also available to UK consumers, over 3000 titles are available to read via the app.

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