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In the latest issue of AutoVolt, we look at the reasons why you should travel by EV as much as possible. We interview Craig Wilson, MD of Williams Advanced Engineering about Formula E batteries, Jaguar FE Team and the Nissan BladeGlider concept. Additionally, on the holiday theme, we talk to Chris Millward from the RAC about what happens if you breakdown in an EV.

In reviews we have a first drive of the KIA Niro Hybrid, the company’s first hybrid on the UK market, while Tim Barnes-Clay heads to Europe to drive KIA’s first EU market plug-in hybrid, the Optima PHEV. The Mercedes-Benz C 350 e and Volkswagen Passat GTE are put through their paces, plus the latest Lexus RX 450h hybrid SUV.

Plus, Robert Llewellyn questions the possibility that we’ve already reached the so called ‘tipping point’ for electric vehicle adoption. See below for more contents and get the issue from Readly, Magzter or MagCloud.

AutoVolt September-October 2016

  • COLUMN: Robert Llewellyn Robert questions whether we might have already reached the tipping point for electric cars.
  • FIRST DRIVE: KIA Niro Hybrid KIA joins in the hybrid game with the sub-SUV styled Niro Hybrid.
  • FIRST DRIVE: KIA Optima PHEV We send Tim Barnes-Clay to test drive the first KIA plug-in hybrid to enter the European market.
  • AA Chargemaster Myth Busting The AA and Chargemaster joins forces to bust some EV myths.
  • FEATURE: Breaking Down in an EV We speak to Chris Millward from the RAC about breaking down in an electric or hybrid car and put our minds at ease.
  • FEATURE: Take Your EV on Holiday! It’s high time we ditched the notion that EVs are for short range only and explore the idea that we should all use EVs for travel, particularly in the UK.
  • INTERVIEW: Craig Wilson Managing Director of Williams Advanced Engineering speaks to us about Formula E battery development, their involvement with the new Jaguar Formula E Team and Nissan’s BladeGlider electric car project.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Motor Controllers The unsung hero of the electric car is the motor controller and we take a look at what it does and how.
  • DRIVEN: VW Passat GTE Volkswagen’s Passat plug-in is finally in the UK one year after we first drove it in Holland.
  • DRIVEN: Mercedes C 350 e A small exec plug-in hybrid that offers a blend of premium luxury and performance but low CO2.
  • DRIVEN: Lexus RX 450h Now in its 4th generation, how does the new RX fare against its plug-in hybrid competition?
  • LONG TERM: Nissan Leaf 30kWh This update includes a trip to Wales and a mileage realisation.
  • BUYING GUIDE: Toyota Prius Gen-1 What to consider if tempted by the first hybrid.

The latest EV and hybrid news, plus handy guides explaining electric and hybrid vehicles to both the beginner and enthusiast alike complement every issue.

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