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AutoVolt magazine November-December 2016 now available

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In the latest AutoVolt magazine, we get an exclusive ride in Electric Classic Cars’ converted Volkswagen Beetle EV. Jonny Smith is this issue’s columnist, talking about his Flux Capacitor Enfield Electric, his appreciation of the new Jaguar i-Pace and his ambition to create a retro electric ride. Are electric cars fun? We question why many perceive EVs to be boring while taking a Nissan Leaf out drifting in Milan, Italy.

In review we have a trio of BMW plug-ins including the excellent BMW 330e, the 225xe and new BMW i3 94Ah. Tim Barnes-Clay heads to Madrid, Spain to drive Toyota’s new striking crossover, the C-HR hybrid. Our brief buying guide in this issue covers the soon-to-be-classic Tesla Roadster and why it actually makes an interesting used car buy.


In the name of science, we see what happens when an electric car runs out of juice, by driving a Nissan Leaf to zero-miles range. Our technology piece covers the recent Dewar Trophy and Simms Medal 2016 award winners, Gordon Murray Design and Riversimple, who were praised for their innovative approach to automotive design, technology and engineering.

New regular guest contributor Thomas Curtis shares his first experiences having bought a second hand Nissan Leaf. Coming from an old Saab estate that guzzled fuel, his insight into buying a used EV could prove invaluable. Plus, there’s our race report from the second round of Formula E Season 3, held for the first time on the African continent in Marrakesh, Morocco.

As always, there’s lots more inside with the latest electric news and our ever-handy educational guides to electric and hybrid vehicles.

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