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Autovolt magazine July-August 2017

In this, our third anniversary issue, we go a little off piste and introduce you to the exciting world of drone racing. Ever wanted to participate in Formula E but couldn’t because you’re not a pro racing driver? This is the next best thing. It’s fast, furious exciting and – with technology – first person view too. Seasoned motorbike journalist Paul Blezard goes for a ride on the BMW C evolution electric scooter and finds out what makes it so special (it’s the most powerful learner legal bike). In review we have the superb Hyundai Ioniq Electric, Toyota Prius Plug-in and Mercedes E 350 e plug-in hybrid. There are also updates on our long term Kia Optima PHEV, Tom Curtis’ Nissan Leaf (part 5) and our historical car this time is the relatively unknown Henney Kilowatt. Plus, as always, there’s more electric and hybrid news inside.

0019 Autovolt Jul-Aug 2017

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