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Autovolt magazine issue 32

Innovators are what makes the car industry tick, and it’s fair to say there’s a definite concentration of them working on the electric car scene. From cars and commercial vehicles, to charging and energy provision, electrification has pushed automotive into the innovation stratosphere!

In this issue, Autovolt investigates the difficulties facing the companies tasked with forging ahead with the UK’s electric car charging infrastructure and what hurdles lay in their path.
We speak to Chinese electric car startup, NIO, about its future plans and innovations ahead of its official launch into the European marketplace later this year.

And we drive the latest innovative EVs, including the radical Mazda MX-30 – Mazda’s first electric car to the inventive Citroën Ami. These vehicles break the mould, dare to be different and core to the electric avant garde.

There’s much more inside too, with news, eco-products and more reviews and features inside. Check out the contents below or dive into the magazine via one of the links.

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