Autovolt Magazine

AutoVolt Magazine on Google Play & Apple iTunes

As AutoVolt Magazine moves towards its second issue, to be released on 5th September, the publication is now available via its very own apps in both of the world’s most popular app stores; Apple & Google. Digital Magazines have proven to be more popular than paper issues, in a clear sign that those who are interested in electric and hybrid vehicles are not afraid of technology and embracing digital magazines and content using an electronic device.

For those who use a Google Android powered device, a simple search in the Google Play Store for, “AutoVolt” or “AutoVolt Magazine” will reveal the app on their device. Alternatively, users can click here to be taken to the Play Store online:

For those of a more fruity persuasion, Apple’s iTunes store also has the magazine available for all mobile devices. We recommend using an ipad to view the magazine though, since it offers a larger screen than an iphone, but either will make for interesting reading when on the move or at your own leisure. Here’s the link to the Apple iTunes storefront:

The magazine is of course always available to find via the main Magzter app which is available across many devices and storefronts, including Google, Apple, Windows, Amazon, Samsung and more.

Likewise, the magazine is always available in print format via MagCloud here: