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£6.6 Million Announced Towards Hydrogen Infrastructure

At the same time as Transport Minister Baroness Kramer announced the new plug-in motorbike grant (PIMG) – or plug-in bike grant PIBG – the minister advanced plans for 7 new hydrogen projects, which have been given the green light today. This £6.6 million investment will see an initial network of 12 hydrogen refuelling stations established, including new stations built in Brentford and Croydon and a new mobile station that will be used across the south of England, as well as upgrades to existing hydrogen demonstrator stations. This represents a significant step in enabling the use of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the UK.

The 7 hydrogen projects are:

  • ITM Power
    • 2 new hydrogen refuelling stations in Brentford and Croydon
    • 4 upgrades to Sheffield and London stations
  • Air Products
    • 2 upgrades to existing stations in Hatton Cross and Hendon
    • 1 upgrade to a mobile refuelling station to support conferences and test drives of fuel cell vehicles
  • Fuel Cell Systems
    • 1 new mobile station based in Southern UK
  • University of South Wales
    • 1 upgrade to an existing station in Port Talbot
  • Honda UK
    • 1 upgrade to an existing station in Swindon

Hyundai iX35 Fuel Cell FCV

Welcoming the news, Hyundai were quick to embrace the news. Tony Whitehorn, President & CEO, Hyundai Motor UK, said,

“Today’s announcement from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills provides a further boost to Britain’s hydrogen refueling infrastructure. The additional stations and package of upgrades will make Fuel Cell vehicles a viable option for more fleet and private customers. As the first global carmaker to begin UK delivers of Fuel Cell passenger cars in 2014, Hyundai welcomes this investment which will support the rollout of hydrogen technology to additional customers.”

Source; Deparment for Transport & Hyundai