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2014 MPG Marathon Open for Entries

The annual MPG Marathon is now open for this year’s entries. Although there are many classes in the 14 year old event, those of particular interest to us here at AutoVolt are:

  • Class 5: Passenger cars powered by hybrid drive systems
  • Class 7: Passenger cars powered by range-extender hybrid drive systems
  • Class 8: Fully electric vehicles

There are five classes of light commercial van too, with no CO2 cap, meaning such vehicles as Nissan’s new eNV200 may well make an appearance. Event organiser, Ross Durkin, said:

“This year’s MPG marathon presents an outstanding opportunity to showcase the very latest developments in alternative fuelled vehicles against the more conventional but increasingly fuel-efficient internal combustion engined models. Fuel prices have seldom been far from the top of everyone’s agenda, be they fleet manager or private motorist. It’s a rising cost that nobody can ignore, but the combination of fuel-efficient cars, advanced fuels, route planning technology and eco-driving skills mean that fuel is a cost that can be successfully managed. This year’s MPG marathon will demonstrate how both vehicle and driver can make a massive difference to fuel costs and emissions and just how effectively that cost can be managed by achieving exceptional fuel consumption. As with last year’s event, competitors will be again required to find their own route between a series of fixed points, in much the same way that any normal driver would be required to do. The minimum, straight-line distance between them will again be around 360 miles in total, but navigators will be allowed to choose a longer route if they feel it will result in a better fuel-saving performance – by avoiding congested town centres, for example. All cars will again be fitted with Tracker tracking equipment, so we will know exactly where each car has been and how far it has travelled. Entries are now open and we look forward to welcoming a varied but highly competitive field to this year’s event.”

MPG Marathon