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1912 Edison Electric Car for Sale

Often people in the market for a second car are tempted by a classic vehicle which ticks all the right boxes; a bit offbeat, stylish and more. With electric cars, the choices are somewhat limited but that’s not to say there aren’t any available.

For the more discerning collector, there is currently for sale a 1912 Edison Electric which appears to have been kept in near time warp condition. The car features an unconventional centre headlamp and striking design, in part due to it having a very cab forward stance since there is, of course, no internal combustion engine up front to push everything rearwards.

According to the seller’s description, the car was built in London by then famed car maker Arrol-Johnston – best known for having produced the first automobile manufactured in Britain. Owing to the car having been dry stored for much of it’s life, it is in remarkably original condition.

What kind of range could you expect from such a vehicle? The seller amusingly states:

“… batteries have huge capacity and I have never found out how far they would go but I estimate a very long way.”

Being unique and original to the extent that it is, the electric car’s asking price is rather steep at a quite breathtaking £150,000. Unfortunately, being of the 1912 model year, the vehicle is not entitled to participate in the world famous London to Brighton rally which requires that vehicles be built prior to the 31st December 1904.

You can see the full advert and more photos at the following link: EDISON ELECTRIC CAR Totally Unique. For Sale (1912)

Edison Electric Car

Source; Car and Classic