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15,000 Renault Twizy Now in Circulation

Renault has now sold 15,000 Twizy in 40 countries since it released the car in 2012. This milestone testifies to the success of this ultra-compact all-electric vehicle with its avant-garde styling. The municipality of Florence, Italy, is taking delivery of the 15,000th Twizy along with 69 other Renault electric vehicles, a fine illustration of the growing commitment of European cities to sustainable transport.

Renault’s cooperation with the city of Florence began in 2011 when Matteo Renzi (then Mayor of Florence) signed an agreement with the Renault-Nissan Alliance for the promotion of electric vehicles. The agreement is materialising with the purchase of 53 Renault Twizy and 17 Renault Kangoo Z.E., each destined for municipal duties. Dario Nardella, Mayor of the City of Florence commented,

“This delivery of a Renault Z.E. fleet is a first step towards the implementation of our program supporting EV use. Florence is a beautiful city with a great historical centre and the environment has always been our priority. We have to lead the way. Promoting electro mobility helps respect the environment, reduce acoustic pollution, and contributes to preserving our cultural heritage, damaged everyday by car exhaust gases”

As air quality becomes an increasingly critical challenge for major European cities, the electric vehicle brings a much needed breakthrough solution. Martine Meyer, Renault’s health and environment spokesperson, citing a study carried out in partnership with ARIA Technologies and the city of Rome, which finds conclusive results at street level, said,

“Massive introduction of electric vehicles, under support from relevant government authorities, can improve urban air quality and bring pollution levels down below the thresholds set by European standards. With 20% of vehicles using electric power, particulate concentration in the city air could be reduced by up to 30%, and NO2 concentration by 45%.”

Source; Renault