Electric cars are one of the fastest-growing trends of today. As they are poised to fully replace petrol-driven cars in the near future, technological advancements are geared towards their improvement. Here are some of the tools, devices, apps, accessories, and technologies that you should check out if you own an electric car and are looking to improve your overall experience:

Solar Carport System

Solar car port

This technology allows you to go green all the way. A solar carport system is a modular device that takes advantage of the fully integrated, system-built photovoltaic technology to charge electric cars. Some of the brands available today are do-it-yourself solar kits. These carports don’t just create a shaded parking spot, but also generates the electricity needed to power up your car. There are commercial and residential carport systems available. Some modular designs are perfect for homes without a garage and for those that require additional covered parking.


All electric car owners should download and use this mobile app if they want to network with fellow drivers. PlugShare is like Waze and Facebook combined but is specially made for electric car drivers. Through the platform, users can share information about the thousands of charging stations across the U.S and UK.

Home Charge Unit

Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine petrol plug-in hybrid charge port

If you have a garage or driveway and have bought an electric car, it’s essential to buy a home charge unit instead of using your home’s regular power sockets. Home charge units are available from a variety of manufacturers and can offer varying rates of charge, typically from 3.5 to 7kW. These will recharge your car in the safest possible way and generally take between 3.5 to 8 hours to charge a standard EV or PHEV. For the more affluent owner, a 22kW Three-Phase system can be installed at some properties, giving semi-rapid charging at your home, dramatically reducing recharge times. However, these come at a price and aren’t recommended if recharging overnight.

NuVinci® Transmission

NuVinci’s continuously variable transmission technology or CVT is a breakthrough product for electric-driven vehicles. When installed in an electric car, it changes the way mechanical power is delivered and as a result, highly improved transmission performance is achieved. The device assures that your vehicle always functions in a green and clean state. Aside from cars, NuVinci can also be used on bicycles, lawn care equipment, wind energy systems, and automotive accessory drives.

Tzero Technology

Improve your electric vehicle’s drive system and battery consumption with this state-of-the-art technology. AC Propulsion developed TZero technology for electric-driven cars with the aim of increasing their power density and efficiency. The system comes with a sophisticated monitoring device that extends the battery’s range and operating life, which you can pair with a OBD2 iPhone Scanner. Consequently, the technology allows for maximum battery performance at affordable costs. The two added features of this system include vehicle management and vehicle-to-grid-power generation.

For a pleasurable drive, optimum passenger comfort, and high-level performance be sure to consider all these electric car accessories, tool, apps, and upgrades. They will definitely make electric car ownership a great experience, especially for first-time users.

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